Shivas Nat is in a world of blues, garage and psychedelic rock.

The band plays their psychedelic garage/blues-rock with an authentic and mind-blowing sound, which will take you straight back to the colored mists and patterns of the late 1960’s.

During 2012, Shivas Nat marked themselves at the Kildemose Festival and at the Copenhagen scene as an interesting band to follow. Since 2013, the band has regularly been touring Europe, performing in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

“…Shivas Nat plays the type of far out psychedelic hard-rock a fan of retro-rock will inevitably enjoy… – absolutely raw power, right from the start. Most of their rather 70’s-like songs featured long instrumental passages in between Patrick’s hauntingly powerful, echo-drenched vocals, thus empowering the overall psychedelic atmosphere…” – Bo Vinberg, Rockfreaks.net

Their first releases ‘Hard To Breathe’ (Bilocation Records 2013) and ‘Gimme Your’ (H42 Records 2014) has been very well received, and the band is now finishing off material for the coming double-album.

Shivas Nat is:
Patrick Lykke Heinsøe – Guitar and vocals
Morten Clod-Svensson – Bass
Bjørn Sunesen – Organ

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